About The Founders

Vampires Everywhere ComicBusted Rack founders Justin and Mike first met at a comic book store in the small town of Santa Carla, California. Justin had just moved there with his mom and older brother. Mike was a local, spending most of his nights watching over the comic shop owned by his family. The two struck up a brief conversation and just before Justin left the store, Mike gave him a free comic entitled ’Vampires Everywhere’, claiming it would one day save his life.

The story thickened when Justin’s brother, Jason, went to a carnival and met a dark haired girl. To make a long story short, he tried to impress her by racing a sinister looking guy named David and his hell-raising buddies. Upon befriending David and his crew, Jason would unknowingly drink vampire blood for the first time that night.

Shortly after learning of his brother's fate, Justin teamed up with Mike and a lifelong partnership was born. Not to make the epic t-shirts you know them for today, but to fight the undead and save his brother from becoming a full-fledged vampire. 

Several nights later, armed with garlic, water guns filled with holy water, wooden stakes and a longbow, they readied themselves for an attack. Justin and Mike fought valiantly, eventually killing the monsters. It’s important to note, in case you’re ever at odds with a vampire, that not all of them go out the same way. Some explode and some implode.

Bored with life after saving Santa Carla and possibly the world, Justin and Mike teamed up to make great hunting themed shirts and Busted Rack was born. Enjoy!