Wanna See My Booner? 2017 Busted Rack Deer Contest

It’s here! The first annual “Wanna See My Booner” Buck Contest from the guys at BustedRack.com. We promise you it's unlike any deer contest of its kind. The rules are simple and anyone is eligible, except Canadians. Sorry Canada, it's not that we don't like you, it's that you gave birth to Nickelback. People don’t forget.

The score is a FREE t-shirt from BustedRack.com. Not just any shirt - THE SHIRT- the original shirt that started it all.  The epic “Wanna See My Booner” tee (in your size of course).

Follow the rules and the greatest hunting t-shirt on the planet is yours. FOR FREE

  1. Any whitetail buck from the good ole U.S.A. is eligible.  
  2. The deer must be taken with a weapon. Any legal weapon according to state game laws where the deer was taken is eligible. If you take a Booner with a spear we reserve the right to mass email the good people at Under Armour gratuitous pictures of the hunter with the prize animal.  Just to piss them off.
  3. The buck only needs to gross B&C. No need to net. Nets are for.. well.. you get the picture.
  4. Official measuring can only be completed by a certified P&Y or B&C state measurer and must include the mandatory 60-day drying period. Why? Dunno, but we feel like there must be some rules.
  5. Score sheet needs to be signed by same certified measurer. Getting the antlers measured is the responsibility of the hunter.
  6. Official score sheets as well as field photos must be posted on the Busted Rack Facebook page BEFORE the contest closes or before we go out of business.  Whichever happens first.  Contest will end on March 1, 2018.
  7. Contest is already open as some states have open deer seasons.
  8. Contest prize for taking a Booner - a FREE t-shirt. It’s that easy.
  9. Once you receive the shirt send us a cool shot of you wearing it while doing something outdoorsy like standing next to your Booner mount, kayaking down a river with your Booner mount, or even having a picnic with your Booner mount. 

Questions?  Send them to nicebooner@bustedrack.com and depending on how dumb they are we might answer them.  Then again, we might not.